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The eighties were great for some things. Legwarmers. Hairspray. Diamond tennis bracelets
But all good things eventually come to an end, and while the legwarmers may enjoy a secret second life on cold winter days, that diamond tennis bracelet is kind of expensive to just leave in your jewelry box.
That’s where we come in.  A customer came to us with this bracelet and wanted to just turn it in for scrap.  She didn’t think that the diamonds were even reusable.  But, she mentioned that what she really, needed was a diamond wedding band to wear everyday.  Her engagement ring was kind of fancy, and although she loved it, sometimes she wasn’t comfortable wearing it while working.
Boy did we have a solution for her! 
We used with our CAD (computer aided design) system and showed her 3D pictures of several custom diamond ring options, using her own gemstones.
She decided on this double row, pave diamond band, set within a channel to keep the stones from getting snagged on her gloves.  Next, we made a polymer model of the custom wedding ring and had her try it on for size.  We even balanced her diamonds in the model so she could see what it would really look like when finished. This was important, because it eliminated the uncertainty of a custom jewelry design.
Finally, we removed her diamonds, credited her the cash from the gold and cast the custom ring in our shop.  The result was stunning.  She was able to get exactly what she wanted for a fraction of the price of new, AND reuse an old, out-of-date piece of jewelry, gathering dust in her jewelry box.
Custom jewelry at Scott’s Custom Jewelers isn’t complicated, confusing or even expensive.  It’s about getting a quality piece of jewelry, in the style that you love, and at a price you can afford.
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