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Jewelry in motion!
Maybe it’s our lifestyle – we’re always busy, busy, busy!  But the latest craze in jewelry lately for us at Scott’s Custom Jewelers has been motion jewelry.
What exactly is that?
These cool pieces – rings mainly – have moving parts.  They flip, spin, twist and turn, exposing smooth, polished metal sides and sparkly, shiny diamonds on the other.  Some do a whole bunch of moves, others may only slide back and forth.  But all of them are like toys for your hands.
The 14k hammered gold ring pictured above has a circle of diamonds that flips and spins.  We made it for a stock piece in our Akron, Ohio store, and in a few weeks, have sold two customized versions of this style.
One woman saw it and immediately wanted it as a wedding ring.  Her future husband has a young son, and her custom ring is going to have one ruby, her stepson’s birthstone, mixed into the diamond circle.
A couple of days later, another woman fell in love with the same design, only she is having her three children and four grandchildren’s birthstones set into the circle.  A truly custom mother’s ring.
Motion jewelry. Fidget jewelry. Worry beads.  Whatever the name, playing with rocks suddenly became fun again!
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