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Scott’s Custom Jewelers knows about your secret stash of jewelry. What?

*Not my undie drawer!

We’ve all got jewelry tucked into our underwear drawer that we don’t wear, but can’t part with yet. Traditional, “Princess Di-style” blue sapphire rings, a diamond stick pin from your great grandma, maybe even a diamond tennis bracelet (broken of course – those links caught on everything)! We’ve seen plenty of these pieces at our two custom jewelry stores.

A vintage sapphire and diamond ring.

Why do we hide it away? Probably because your jewelry style has changed. Maybe you’re into the multi-gemstone, bib necklaces that are so popular now. Or perhaps it’s asymmetrical jewelry that catches your eye. Whatever your style, those hidden gems have plenty of potential. You just need some inspiration!

That’s what one of our Dublin, OH customer’s recently did.

She had some jewelry pieces/parts that she’d been hoarding for awhile. Diamonds that she got from her father’s inheritance. A blue/purple tanzanite ring from a great vacation. But she wanted a “wow” piece. Something that strangers would stop and ask her about. Something with style and a story. And while so much of her jewelry was traditionally set, her personal style was quite different.

She set an appointment with Scott (but actually, everyone at Scott’s is a designer), and we got to work. We literally have 1000s of photos of our custom jewelry designs available, as well as two stores filled with great wearable jewelry art. So we got to work, and came up with a great jewelry plan.

Since her tanzanite was triangle shaped, we agreed that a wide design would work especially well as a ring. And because the gemstone is fairly soft (which means it needs protection), we wanted to set the stone low, and guard it with gold bars.

We used our amazing CAD system to design her piece, and sent her high resolution photos of her proposed design. That was the fun part and she liked what she saw!

Then we made a polymer model using our hi tech 3D printer and she got to actually try the ring on before we made it. Huge deal. By trying the model on, we were able to adjust the sides a bit for a truly custom fit.

We think the finished product speaks for itself.

I think it’s time to dig through your drawers!



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