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There’s so many things that I love about being a jeweler.

First off, playing with beautiful, sparkly gemstones is an obvious perk for a glamour-lover like me. And don’t get me started with going to big jewelry shows – tables and tables of gorgeous pendants, earrings and RINGS! It’s always the rings for me.

Actually, most women prefer buying rings and bracelets, and men love purchasing pendants and earrings. Why? Because a woman can see and enjoy rings and bracelets on herself – they’re always in her sight. Men look AT their ladies and notice the pendants (because duh – look where they hang!), and earrings (eyes up here, please).

So, when C.J. came to us with an antique diamond pendant that she inherited from her grandma – a beautiful, filigree-style, with a cushion shaped diamond – she asked about making it into a ring.

After the glitter, my second favorite part of making custom jewelry at our Dublin store, Scott’s Custom Jewelers, is the stories. And nothing makes my heart happier than a good jewelry story.

Like when you see someone at the checkout line in Target, kids crying in the cart, but they’ve got a really funky, abstract, metal necklace on over their mom uniform, and you comment on how cool it looks. And they gush, “This? Oh, I got it at this at an art festival over in Upper Arlington, like 5 years ago! My husband and I went there to walk me into labor, because I was like 5 days past my due date. It was 100 degrees out, and I almost died of heat stroke, and was whiny and weepy, and then I saw THIS! So he bought it as a ‘push present’ which made me even more weepy – but I love it!”

A story.

C.J. wanted to wear her grandma’s pendant, but she already had a beautiful diamond pendant that she worn most of the time – with it’s own, personal story. But she remembered how she played with that pretty filigree piece, around her grandma’s neck, as a little girl. Such wonderful memories.

So, we started sketching those same curly designs into a band for a ring. Because it’s all in the details. That’s what makes a great story.

We all played with the designs – Scott, C.J. and myself, adding details and even some more diamonds, re-purposed from jewelry her mother gave her, until the new ring came to life.


With a back story and a new story, just waiting to be shared. We love our jobs!


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