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One of the best parts of being in the “love” business at our Dublin, Ohio store, Scott’s Custom Jewelers,  is getting to be part of a couple’s engagement story.

Whether it’s a young guy, nervously pulling up pictures from her Pinterest account, or a couple coming into our store, with a custom ring already in mind. I love them all! So much pure JOY in their eyes!

Of course, engagement ring styles follow certain trends.

Like, you know you were engaged in the 80s if you have a marquise shaped diamond, set in yellow gold, with a ring guard. And the 90s style was three stone princess cut diamonds in a white gold settings.

But my husband, Scott, and I have noticed that today’s “style” is all over the place! The 20teens engagement ring definitely has a vintage vibe – delicate vines, beaded edges and diamond halos, but with a lot of custom details. I guess you should expect that though. Heck, if you can build your own iPhone, tennis shoes and even socks (hello PupSocks), then engagement rings will be customized too.

So, engagement ring styles that I’m loving now…

1. Interesting Diamond Halos

Diamond halos are a great way to juice up a smaller diamond, or even change their shape altogether. We like to call them miracle bras for your diamond!

We have a lot of couples coming to us with family diamonds. And we LOVE it – what a wonderful way to add to a great story! It’s so much fun for us to custom design a great new ring using inherited diamonds.

And with our cool CAD (computer aided design) technology, we can change that round diamond into all kinds of shapes, simply by adding a custom diamond halos!

2. Rose Gold Details

There’s something about rose gold. It looks so lux. And I think it really makes diamonds pop. Using a “tinge of ginge” in a engagement ring is so unexpected and sweet.

One of my favorite engagement rings that we’ve created recently had an inner diamond halo of PINK diamonds, set in luscious rose gold, around the cushion-shaped center gemstone. It was stunning! I remember when the young man picked up his ring – he was speechless!

3. Diamond Ribbon Bands

I love diamond ribbons, or swirls, as the band on an engagement ring for a couple of reasons. First off – they’re gorgeous! Two bands of interwoven diamonds just means twice the sparkle 🙂

Also, from a practical side, the wider band helps keep the ring from turning upside down. It’s physics (yes, there’s A LOT of physics in jewelry). So ribbons are a win/win in my book.

4. Vines & Leaves

On of the prettiest styles, in my opinion, is a pattern of vines and leaves as the center band of the ring. This vintage design is the perfect canvas to add sprinkles of small diamonds. Scott and I suggest this look a lot when we’re redesigning a wedding ring and want to add diamonds from other pieces into the design. It can take on a vintage feel by adding small beading to the leaves, or a more contemporary look if we keep it smooth.



5. Colored Gemstones

Color is back in custom engagement rings! Actually, colored gemstones were the norm in Europe and even in the United States, a hundred years ago. Sapphires, rubies and emeralds were the most common, but other, more exotic gems also made the cut. We’ve been seeing a ton of blue sapphires in rings now, ever since Will and Kate (Royals 3.0) got hitched. But even light blue aquamarine and peachy/pink morganite are becoming popular.

The best thing about engagement ring trends now is that there are no rules – it’s about being unique. And what a perfect way to start such a wonderful journey!

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