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For me, the week after Thanksgiving marks the start of the Christmas holiday. The tree is up, the jewelry store in Dublin is decorated. An endless loop of Christmas songs play on, and on, and on…

The last few years, I’ve been more intentional about the holidays. I’ve weeded out decorations that didn’t have any meaning, or special memories associated with them (I’m talking about YOU wooden Santa with the glued on head). And since the “kids” now are really, young adults, our gifts to them are now mainly household items and practical things. Like the six air fryers I got them all last year 🙂

But gift picking-out is HARD! So, I’ve helped you all out with my first ever, Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide! Let the fun begin!

1. For your tween/teen – a SKOSH of jewelry.

Opening up a small purple box from Scott’s Custom Jewelers is sure to get a BIG reaction from anyone, and these gorgeous, fashionable SKOSH necklaces are the perfect entry into jewelry for your teen. Daughters, nieces, babysitters. Check off all of the boxes with one of these beauties! Constructed from sterling silver – some with gold plating like this blue druzy quartz necklace – these pieces offer high fashion and low $$. This is my go-to gift.

2. For your sister – a signature pendant.

Lovely lilies – striking sterling silver pendants with natural gemstone centers (this one is a gorgeous blue topaz, but Scott’s also has purple amethyst and yellow citrine gems). Having a unique piece of jewelry is like art – it gets noticed! And she’ll remember you every time she puts this beauty on.

3.  For your best friend – a stretch pearl bracelet.

Whether she’s wrestling car seats, working a career, or both, these freshwater pearl bracelets will make every outfit feel special! Available in white, peacock or pink, and priced under $30!

4. For your mom – a custom grandmother’s pendant.

You know she’s always bragging about them, so give her a gift that will naturally start that conversation with everybody she meets! A custom dog tag pendant, studded with the grands’ birthstones! Dog tags not her thing? We’ve got ALL sorts of great ideas that will fit her style (and your budget). Sticks, circles, bars – the options are endless!

5. For you husband – a stylish leather bracelet.

Like a watchband, but way sexier, these braided leather bracelets come in a variety of widths and colors. And they won’t break your budget if he accidentally loses it! Besides, if you GIVE jewelry, then you’re more likely to GET jewelry – which brings us to Number 6!

6. For yourself – because you don’t want car mats this year!

Diamond stacking bands! Whether you wear one with a wedding ring, or several stacked on another finger, these thin, diamond bands are all the rage now. Available in many styles and colors (I’m loving rose gold – it makes me feel young), diamond or gemstone stacking bands are definitely on many people’s list this year!

Stop in, grab a cup of coffee and let’s knock out that Christmas List! Hope your holiday is wonderful (and sparkly)!

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