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You know how much I love jewelry stories. Well THIS one is pretty special, because it’s mine!

About 15 years ago, my mom had Scott redesign her wedding ring. We had just started using CAD technology and 3D printer to make jewelry. My mom gathered all kinds of jewelry, including matching diamond wedding bands that Scott’s dad had made for them years ago. Her new custom ring turned out great, but we had three leftover diamonds. So, she told me to just keep them, since they were too small to use in her ring.

Well, I put them into our safe and kind of forgot all about them.

Fast forward to this year, while we were recently redecorating the store (stop in – it looks so cool!), I got into one of my crazy, organizing moods and came across the ring. And inspiration struck!

Mom’s ring, sans diamonds 🙂

My baby sister was going to have a “milestone” birthday this year. Our tradition always involves an epic sister trip, but I wanted to do something extra, since all three of us girls were now…milestone-ing? Is that even a word?!?

It was time for some jewelry restyling!

I started the custom design with simple sketches. I actually used a quarter as my size guide! It’s important to have a visual size of the finished custom jewelry when you are designing.

I knew that I wanted three matching pendants, but I also wanted them to be unique. I came up with an idea to use 3 rings – one for each girl, and put the diamond into a small bezel setting, that represented our birth order.

Finally, to add some texture, our jeweler hammer finished the rings that didn’t have the diamond in it. Now each custom pendant would be different, but linked together.

From oldest to youngest – Beth, Carol and Debbie!

I think they turned out great!

I gave my sisters their pendants on Easter when we got together, but first, I showed my mom. She had forgotten all about the ring, and LOVED that we’d each get a gem from her wedding band. Especially since she’s the type of mom who counted out the jelly beans in our Easter basket each year. We all were equally loved!

They were thrilled – and we’re excited to wear our special sister pendants on our trip next month. Look out Florida – here we come!

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