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Remember your wedding? Everything was so shiny and new (hello unstained towels!) And that ring – it looked AMAZING! But, with time, all things change. Even that wedding ring. Here are 5 ways to update your wedding ring, and keep the memories!

Old Wedding Ring Restyle Dublin

Why should you update your wedding ring?

Your wedding ring is still very important, and at Scott’s Custom Jewelers, we understand the sentiment. In fact, we embrace it!

You may consider updating your wedding ring when:

  • The ring needs a major repair
  • It looks out-of-style (the 80s called, they want their ring back!)
  • To celebrate an anniversary or birthday
  • You want to add diamonds that you’ve inherited to your wedding ring
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Wedding rings are a symbol of love and commitment, but it is okay if you want to update them. In fact most people do make some changes to their rings during their marriage. It’s a very personal decision, but here are some views on this subject from

5 Ways to Update Your Wedding Ring

There’s so many ways to update or restyle your wedding ring! In fact, it can be a little overwhelming. But no worries – we have thousands of ideas and can help you find the perfect new style. Plus when you restyle your wedding ring instead of buying a new one, you will save money. And that’s always a win!

Diamond Rings Dublin Ohio

There’s tons of ways to change your ring. Here’s 5 simple ways to update your wedding ring.

1. Add a custom diamond halo

Diamond halos are a great way to make you original engagement ring look bigger, without the cost of buying a new one! Plus, you get to keep your memories. Whether you prefer a sleek, modern looking halo, or a beaded, vintage-inspired one, diamond halos are magic!

Custom Diamond Halo Wedding Ring Online

A custom diamond halo with a vintage, beaded edge.

Many times, you can simply add the new diamond halo to your existing wedding ring. In fact, this is a great option if you still love your wedding band, but there’s damage or wear to the main gemstone.

2. Reset your diamonds into a new custom wedding ring

If your wedding ring is looking dated, then taking out the diamonds (or adding more!) and creating a new custom wedding ring is the answer.

Custom Pear Shaped Diamond Ring Online

Diamonds from several pieces of jewelry were rearranged into this custom diamond wedding ring.

We’ll help you find your style, then rearrange those diamonds into a new design with CAD technology. We’ll be able to send you pictures of the new ring BEFORE it’s been created, let you make as many changes as you need (without a design change fee too!), then make an actual 3D printed model of the piece, place the stones in it and let you try it on! And if you have changes, again, no worries!

One of the benefits of Scott’s is that you work directly with the designer. So there’s no “lost in translation” or misunderstandings about the look you’re trying to achieve. If you say, “move that diamond over a skosh” we can do that right before your eyes. It’s easy, affordable and fun to make a new custom wedding ring at Scott’s!

3. Add some bling to your ring!

Sometimes, all it takes to change your wedding ring is to add some more sparkle!

Custom Diamond Wedding Ring Restyle

Adding diamond bands to an existing ring really changes the entire look!

We can frame your engagement ring with new diamond bands (adding white gold diamond bands to a yellow gold ring is a great combo!), or maybe pave set small diamonds into your wider ring. We’ve even re-purposed an unworn pair of diamond earrings into rings to create gorgeous, three-stone designs! The possibilities are endless!

4. Chose a new center stone

Maybe a new center diamond is on your wish list. No problem – we’ve got so many to chose from! Whether you want to swap out your engagement ring diamond with a mined, or even one of the new, lab grown diamond, we can help you out. We’ll bring in an assortment of diamonds, hand-picked just for you, and let you find the stone that “winks at you”, as grandpa used to say!

Custom Vintage Style Wedding Ring Dublin Ohio

A new diamond center stone can change the look of any ring!

You can even use a family heirloom diamond as your new center stone. Scott’s can help you out with tons of options.

5. Add some color

Maybe you’d rather see a beautiful colored gemstone in your ring. We can help you chose a gem that will work with your lifestyle (some gems are softer than others, and not as durable for everyday wear).

Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring Dublin

A gorgeous blue sapphire in rose gold is a new trend in engagement rings.

Fun Fact: Did you know that sapphires are the second hardest gemstone, besides diamonds? AND they come in every color of the rainbow! Plus, you can choose from mined sapphires, or lab grown sapphires.

Another way to add some zest is to use different color gold against your ring. Updating a yellow gold band with an edge of white gold, or adding rose gold to a white gold wedding set is a fun, and inexpensive way to change things up!

“Your wedding ring is still important, but there’s nothing wrong with updating it after awhile!”

You’re not wearing the same clothes that you did when you first got married, so it’s okay to also change your ring style. And by reusing your diamonds, or adding gems that you’ve inherited along the way, you’re simply adding to your jewelry story. Just think of it as a new chapter!

Have additional questions about how you can update your wedding ring? Get in touch with Scott’s Custom Jewelers today!

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