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Fall Weddings Mean Anniversary Gifts!

The leaves are turning colors, there’s a nip in the air. This must mean it’s football season. Oh yes, and wedding season too! Which also means there will be anniversaries to remember, which then means you need a gift! No sweat – Scott’s has you covered! Here’s a roundup of the best jewelry anniversary gifts for her that will make you look like a hero!

You can’t go wrong with a diamond anniversary band

Anniversary Bands Columbus Jewelry Store

Anniversary bands in yellow, white and rose gold.

Remember when you slipped that wedding band onto her finger? So much emotion and celebration wrapped up in a symbol.

I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret: she loves that band – AND SHE WANTS ANOTHER ONE!

Some ladies want a matching ring to snug up on the other side of her engagement ring, especially if she’s the all-about-balance type. A diamond anniversary band, made exactly like her existing wedding band, would get you the same response as that original wedding ring!

But, some woman love contrast, so a diamond band, maybe in another color of gold or platinum, or even with a different shape, would be a great gift.

Diamond studs from her stud

Lab Grown Diamond Stud Earrings

Classic earrings with lab grown diamonds.

Here’s the thing, anniversaries (and birthdays) that end in 0 or 5 are kind of a big deal. A new vacuum cleaner just isn’t going to do it. You need the big guns – a classic pair of diamond stud earrings.

And now that lab grown diamonds are “a thing”, you won’t need to take out a second mortgage to impress her! Gorgeous lab grown diamonds, simply set in 14k white gold, are 30-50% less than mined diamonds, AND they are eco-friendly.

A bracelet with a story: The power of custom charm bracelets

There’s something special about a bracelet. Women love them because they can SEE them And a bracelet with a story – that’s even better!

One anniversary, Scott gave me a 14k gold charm bracelet, already filled with charms that represented our life together. Like a clarinet (because we sat next to each other in 7th grade band), and a Phantom of the Opera mask, for our first Broadway play. It’s one of my most favorite pieces of jewelry, ever.

Custom Charm Bracelets Dublin

The 14k charm bracelet tells the story of our life together.

What about a custom bracelet engraved with the coordinates of the place you first met? Super romantic!

A special pendant

Since sometimes we can all be pains in the neck, a special pendant can help balance it all out!

Hearts and crosses have always been popular, but how about something different – like a pendant with a moon and a star? Women love this – trust me! Perhaps a pendant with the gemstone of your anniversary month, or even one with all of the birthstones of your family.

Custom family birthstone necklace

A custom family necklace with birthstones of everyone would be a great anniversary gift!

Also popular are monogram necklaces. Either her own initials, or even just the initial of your last name. Something simple enough to wear everyday.

Custom Initial Necklaces Dublin

A custom initial necklace, with a diamond or even a birthstone, would make her day!

And you can’t go wrong with a diamond solitaire pendant. This will always be in style!

A wedding ring makeover

Custom Diamond Wedding Ring Restyle Columbus

A wedding ring makeover makes a fabulous anniversary gift.

If you’ve been married for a while, it may be time to makeover that wedding ring.

Since she wears it every day, over time, it does wear out! Something as simple as a Spa Day for her ring, where the stones are tightened, the ring is deep cleaned, polished and rhodium plated (if necessary) can bring that baby back to it’s original glory!

But maybe that ring is … dated. Or maybe you want to upgrade her original center diamond with something bigger, now that you’re not 25 anymore and actually have a job 🙂 A wedding ring makeover is super fun, and if you reuse those diamonds, it’s also very affordable! This may be the perfect time to add diamonds to her ring that she’s inherited from family too. Scott’s has made it very easy to restyle your wedding ring with advanced visualization technology and 3D printers.

There are so many great jewelry gifts to celebrate an anniversary. Want to see more? Call us at 614 336-4111 or stop in at Scott’s Custom Jewelers. We’ve got you covered!

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