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Searching for Wedding Rings in Dublin/Columbus?
5 Mistakes to Avoid

Finding The Right Wedding Ring

Should be less difficult than finding the right ring to propose with, right? It depends on the situation, honestly. That said, we’ve listed some things to keep in mind and help you out with your decision-making process.

First, don’t procrastinate. Start looking for your wedding rings as soon as possible, because the sooner you do it, the easier it will be and the more time you and your future spouse will have to put more thought into your wedding bands. Plus, if there are any issues with the rings, there will be plenty of time to fix them before your wedding.

Secondly, know that you have options. Seriously, you don’t have as narrow a choice of wedding ring options as you think. You can choose from straight bands, contoured bands (think zig-zagged or other unusual shapes), or curved bands.

You can even look at a few styles online. But definitely go in person to a jewelry store to see what they actually look like on you and your partner. You have a variety of options with your band, setting and gems, some options of which a professional jeweler will bring to your attention based on you and your companion’s jewelry preferences.

Speaking Of Options

You should know now that it isn’t necessary to perfectly match the wedding ring to the engagement ring, nor is it necessary to match your significant other’s wedding ring. It’s enough to have small similarities in the rings so that they are complementary to one another even if they contrast one another a bit. For instance, if you or your partner dislike each other’s metal preferences (one of you strongly prefers silver to gold, while the other strongly prefers gold to silver), you can get your desired rings but have matching inscriptions. Or, consider a metal interior on your wedding band matching the exterior of your loved one’s wedding ring. Where matching the wedding ring to the engagement ring is concerned, it might be better to have a contrasting but complementary feature rather than have a wedding ring that almost matches the engagement ring, yet is slightly off in color or width or another feature. A slightly-off feature is more glaringly obvious compared to purposely contrasting features.
While it is one thing to mix styles or colors, you don’t want varying metal densities when it comes to your wedding rings and engagement rings. This is because different densities will otherwise rust and deteriorate differently over time. So, the carat weight of your chosen metals should match. For instances, mixing and matching different types of gold (e.g. white gold and rose gold) would be just fine.

Lastly, don’t guess on you and your significant other’s wedding ring sizes. Get measured before you start looking at and trying on rings. You can get measured at the jewelry store, or you can order a ring sizer from online. (But being measured by the jeweler is likely better and more accurate.)
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