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Using What You Have To Build What You Want

Scott’s family has been creating jewelry stories for more than 90 years and, over time, we’ve realized a few things: People want options, they want to feel valued, they want an experience that is tailored to their personal and professional schedule, they want an ​affordable​ end product that not only speaks to them and their unique tastes, but will also last for generations, they want to be as green as possible – reusing gemstones, using lab-grown diamonds, recycling gold – it all is important. Saving the environment also saves you money AND lets you keep the memories!

You get all of that and more throughout our custom jewelry design ​process!







Our Virtual Design Process: From Start To Finish In As Little As 2 Weeks!  

Trudging through an endless sea of wedding catalogs and inventory pieces is frustrating, and will only yield unimaginative, uninspired results.

You’re here because you want original. Bespoke. The thing that will act as a pure manifestation of your love forever (and also pull in a TON of Instagram likes – it’s OK to be proud of what you’ve got!). Or maybe you want to use family gems in your piece (awesome – a story AND even more affordable!)

So, if you can’t make it into our Dublin, Ohio custom jewelry store for an in-person jewelry makeover, no sweat. We can also do this through technology. 

These are the steps to get you there:  

Schedule the Initial Consultation


To kick things off, we just need you to make the first move! Once we make contact, we can take this partnership to the next level.  

Start The Conversation Here

Tell Us What You Want, What You Really, Really Want


(and if you don’t know what you want – we can help you with that, too)


From here, we’ll need you to give us a ring – on the phone, that is.

This is a REALLY important step. It’s where we get to know YOU! We want you to feel comfortable with us, because this is a relationship, not just a transaction. We’re in it for the long haul.

We use a variety of digital communication platforms (Facetime, Skype, Zoom, etc.), whichever works best for you. During this call, we get to know you, your dream piece and what you have to work with (budget, existing jewelry, Pinterest inspiration boards, ideas that you have from that one movie, that sort of thing). We’ll be able to give you an estimate of what your design will cost at this time, based on our conversations.

Show Us What You’ve Already Got


Diamonds, Gemstones, Old Gold & Other Pieces You’d Like To Use

Once we get through that first date, we’ll start the fun stuff – designing!

We’ll send you a package for you to ship your pieces to us using priority, fully-insured and trackable mail. Then we can start to build your engagement ring, pendant or other piece of truly unique jewelry.

We Mock Up the Initial, Three-Dimensional Design


Next, we take those thorough notes, measure any gems we’re using, source out any gems we need and start designing with our special CAD design software to produce photos of what your design will look like.

We’ll email you these pictures of the design in a bunch of angles, so you can really see the details.

Want to make some changes?  No sweat – (and no extra costs). We’ll continue working on your design until you like what you see.

Next We Will Design Your 3D Printed Model


We don’t stop at the pictures. Once we’re on the right track, we’ll send you a real size, 3D model of your new custom jewelry design that you can even try on! It’s super cool! And if you have changes – again, no problem, and no extra charges.

You Approve Or Modify That Design


More often than not, we hit the nail on the head the first time! However, if you need to adjust some stones, change up the layout or make any additional changes, we’ll go back to the drawing board and perfect the design before heading into the hand-crafting stage.

We Bring It To Life & Send It To You


And now we get to the nitty gritty! We head to our shop, pull out all of our tools and breathe life into your piece. This usually takes a few weeks, but we do all of our work in our Dublin, Ohio (near Columbus) jewelry store. Yep, your jewelry is made completely in the US of A. Once your item is completed, you’ll be notified and we’ll send your beautiful, finished jewelry in a discreet, fully-insured package.  

Show Off Your One of a Kind Custom Piece!

Located in Dublin, Ohio; Serving Everyone Everywhere

With our headquarters near Columbus, Ohio, our custom jewelry services are available to literally anyone who has a smartphone! Sure, you could swing by our brick and mortar store, but if your schedule doesn’t comply, or you live out in Seattle and a ticket to John Glenn International isn’t in the budget, you can do it all digitally.  

Have additional questions about our custom design process or how we use digital communications to bring your dream jewelry to life?  

About Us

Scott Cevasco is a third generation, family jeweler.

He and his wife, Beth, have been making custom jewelry with the use of CAD (computer aided design) technology and 3D printers for over 18 years.
Scott's specializes in jewelry remodeling - taking pieces that customers aren’t wearing anymore, and turning them into updated, wearable designs.
Don’t know what you want? No problem! We have TONS of ideas! And we are experts at finding YOUR style.

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