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Custom Engagement Rings

There are so many options!

Don’t worry – we’ll help you create the ring of your dreams.

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Looking for an engagement ring to remember forever?


We’ve made a ton of engagement rings over the past 20 years, here in our Columbus Ohio jewelry store. And the trend for 2021 (and beyond) is all about simplicity and customization!

Anything You Want – We Can Bring It To Life!

Simple, single stone style engagement rings, little details like hidden halos, infinity symbols and initials, and colored gold mountings – like yellow gold and rose gold – are becoming increasingly popular!

And as for the center gemstone? Lab grown diamonds are definitely here to stay, as well as mined diamonds or even inherited, family diamonds.

We’ve also been setting a TON of colored gemstones in our custom engagement rings. After 2020, many of our couples just want some color in their lives again!

Blue sapphires are the most popular (because sapphires are super durable and can hold up well to daily wear), but we’re also using birthstones in our custom designs.


So what exactly is a solitaire?


Once the gold standard (we love a good jewelry pun) in engagement rings, solitaire style means one main diamond or gemstone in the design.

While 3 stone rings were super popular in the 2000s because they symbolized the past, present and future, the trend towards one single diamond is on the rise!

Set up high in the mounting, longish shapes like ovals, marquise and emerald-cut diamonds are getting a lot of requests lately, but round diamonds are still our best sellers.


Cost-effective lab-grown diamonds are growing in popularity!


close up of lab grown diamond engagment rings

Physically, optically and chemically the same as diamonds mined from the earth, lab grown diamonds have been a great, affordable, ethical, conflict-free option for custom engagement rings at Scott’s.

Think of them like tomatoes. Some are grown in a hothouse, and others are grown in a garden. They’re the same, except hothouse tomatoes cost less.

The same goes with lab-grown diamonds. They typically cost 50% less than mined diamonds (and who doesn’t want to save 50%). Available in almost every size and cut, we even use small lab diamonds in our bands too!

custom marquise diamond ring
oval lab grown diamond hidden halo engagement ring columbus ohio jewelry store
round lab grown diamond ring in rose gold columbus ohio
lab grown diamond in hand engraved band
radiant cut lab grown diamond ring columbus ohio
blue sapphire and lab grown diamond custom engagement ring

About Us

Scott Cevasco is a third generation, family jeweler.

He and his wife, Beth, have been making custom jewelry with the use of CAD (computer aided design) technology and 3D printers for over 19 years.
Scott's specializes in jewelry remodeling - taking pieces that customers aren’t wearing anymore, and turning them into updated, wearable designs.
Don’t know what you want? No problem! We have TONS of ideas! And we are experts at finding YOUR style.

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