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Searching for Diamond Rings in Dublin/Columbus
Mistakes to Avoid When Buying

Diamond Rings Are One Of These Most Popular Types Of Rings

(if not the most popular ring) available. That means there are likely a lot of people buying diamond rings who have never done so before and don’t entirely know what is involved when making a decision about which ring to buy. Listed below are some things you should be mindful of when looking for and purchasing a diamond ring.
One mistake people make when purchasing a diamond ring is not getting a GIA-certified ring. The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is a non-profit organization and institution well-known for grading diamonds. In their mission statement, the GIA states that they aim to “ensure the public trust in gems and jewelry by upholding the highest standards of integrity, academics, science, and professionalism through education, research, laboratory services, and instrument development”. The institution grades diamonds according to the “4 C’s” (clarity, cut, color, and carat size) and does it with more precision than other jewelers or experts. A non-GIA certified diamond is more likely to be graded higher than what the GIA would suggest for it, and therefore will probably be priced higher as well. That means you might think you’re getting a better quality diamond than you actually are, and you’re paying more than you really should for it. That said, getting any certification at all for a ring before you buy it acts as insurance in the instance that the ring you purchase is somehow revealed to be a counterfeit. So, never purchase a ring without some kind of certification, but note that GIA certification is best.

Another Thing You Should Know

is that, with diamond rings, the “4 C’s” alone are not enough information to pick out the perfect ring because these characteristics can be used to needlessly inflate the ring’s cost. There are some variations in those characteristics that are so minimal or are invisible at all to the human eye (e.g. the minute color inconsistency between a D and G diamond) that it becomes more sensible to just choose the lower-priced option. On top of that, you might discover that even if a ring meets the standards of the “4 C’s”, you or your loved one still might not be satisfied with the ring’s appearance in person.
You should also know that diamond rings (and diamonds in general) are not recommended by jewelry experts to be a reasonable investment. It’s difficult to set stand prices for diamonds (thanks to those “4 C’s”), and you’re unlikely to make back what you paid for them if you sell them in a few years, especially if they drop in price for any reason (such as a country’s struggling economy, therefore causing a much smaller demand in that country for diamonds, which lowers the price of diamonds globally).

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