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Searching for Engagement Rings in Dublin
Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasings

Buying An Engagement Ring Can Be Difficult As It Is.

But sometimes, mistakes are made during the ring-buying process that can make it more stressful. Here are some things to remember when shopping for an engagement ring for your significant other.
First, make sure you have a budget to begin with. Figure out what works for your current financial situation and go from there. You can ignore the so-called “standard” of 2 months’ worth of your salary, as that was an idea pushed by a diamond company for marketing purposes. A good professional jewelry seller will be able to help you find a fantastic ring within your budget.
Secondly, you should know what your significant other actually wants in an engagement ring before you begin. Whether they explicitly tell you, or they hint at what they want, or you have a friend take them window shopping for rings, find out what your loved one really wants. Also, keep in mind what kind of jewelry they currently wear. Do they prefer other gemstones to diamonds? Do they like gold better than silver? Do they prefer a unique design to something plain and predictable? Find out what their ring preferences are and work from there.

Next, When It Comes To Diamond Engagement Rings

you don’t have to hold steadfast to the “four C’s” (cut, color, clarity and carat size), as these sought-out features can be used to unnecessarily increase the price of the ring. There are some differences in features that are so slight or aren’t even visible to the human eye (e.g. the difference in color between a D and G diamond) that it makes more sense to simply go with the less expensive option. Not only that, but you might find that even though a ring is perfect on paper, you or your significant other still might not like the way it looks in person.
Another thing – don’t buy your engagement ring online. You have no way of knowing for certain if you’re getting what you’re seeing online. Even if it’s a diamond and the seller lists the details for those “four C’s”, as discussed earlier, that’s only part of the picture. You need to see it in person to get the whole picture and make sure you’re paying only what it is worth or what you want to pay for it.
Something else that isn’t always discussed is the binding contract with the jeweler. If you can avoid that, do so. If your significant other doesn’t like the ring, you want the option to exchange it for a ring they’ll actually appreciate. You don’t want your loved one to be stuck forever with a ring they don’t care for.

There are plenty of other mistakes to avoid (like forgetting to ask about a refund policy for the ring, or forgetting to get the ring insured), but a professional jeweler can help you sidestep those mistakes as well. Start with the ones here and you’ll be off to a great start in finding the right ring you’re your companion.

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