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Need inspiration? Check out our newest custom jewelry designs and let’s get started!
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Columbus Ohio Jewelry Store
6365 Perimeter Drive
Dublin, OH 43016
614 336-4111

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Designing Custom Jewelry Is Easy At Scott's Custom Jewelers!

We've been around for over 90 years, making beautiful custom jewelry in first Akron, and now, Columbus Ohio.

Find out why "Custom" is our middle name!
Designing jewelry at Scott's Custom Jewelers is different from other jewelry stores in the Columbus area.

Why? Well because it's easy.

We've specialized in remodeling jewelry for over 20 years, and were the first jewelry store in Ohio to use CAD (computer aided design) technology and 3D printers to custom make jewelry with our customers. We've worked out all the kinks!

Simply stop in and meet with one of our very talented jewelry designers. We'll help you create a design right before your eyes!

Bring in your old jewelry or even just a jewelry idea, and we make it happen. It's what we do best - creating unique jewelry. It's the greatest job ever.

How do we do it?

We actually design and handcraft our jewelry using computers, models, and 3D printers (we have two now). We don't just order from a catalog.

We actually make each piece just for you.

So, why use us instead of the other Columbus jewelers?

Because ...

  • We've been making custom jewelry using CAD longer than anyone else in Ohio;
  • It costs a whole lot less because we do everything in house (no middlemen);
  • You get to see color pictures of the custom jewelry design sent to your phone before it's even made (and make changes at NO CHARGE!);
  • You can try on an actual model of the jewelry made by our 3D printers - and again make changes!;
  • You now have your very own "jewelry guy" to go to for everthing from diamond engagement rings, to jewelry repairs, to ready-made jewelry in silver and gold. Plus custom jewelry.

It's really a one-stop shop for all of your jewelry needs!